Mr. Overly Sensitive

Written by  on February 5, 2011 

I cry easily.   To quote Jude Law’s character in The Holiday, “I’m a weeper.”  Particularly during songs that have particular meaning, memories or associations of brokenness, loss of relationship, or the spiritually sublime. Some are sad, but not necessarily.

The “fun” part is that it’s not just hearing the song; sometimes even just the memory of the song is enough to bring a tear.  It’s not always a terribly convenient feature, particularly when driving, coding, performing, shopping, bowling, etc.  You get the idea.

Anyway, I thought I’d share the list of the worst offenders for me.  Some I can explain, some I cannot.  Please, use with caution.

Just for the record, grabbing all these YouTube links and listening to even 10 seconds of each one of these back to back has just about knocked me out for the day.  Yikes.

What are yours???

Update: adding The Civil Wars’ Poison and Wine to this list.  ….wow.

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